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Gypsang Trading Co (GSTCO)

Most Specialized Gypsum Exporting Portal in Iran

GSTCO’s activities are concentrated in the field of supplying raw materials for construction projects, international trading as well as researching into reserves of different countries, and providing business services (export and import) for mineral products as follows:

Some of our Customers

Gypsum mine

Mining zones extending over 200 hectares

Gypsum mine

more than 25 million tons of gypsum within 35 kilometers of Lengeh Port quay. These mines are geographically located across the Zagros Mountains.

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Maritime Transportation

Shipping to the Persian Gulf, Oman Sea, etc.

Shipping from major Persian Gulf ports

Shipping from Persian Gulf ports to Oman Sea, shipping to Arabian ports, Persian Gulf and Oman ports and others.

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International offices

With international offices to facilitate trading with destination countries

Dubai Office

Based in Deira (UAE), Royal Star General Trading Co. is prepared to facilitate the conclusion of contracts and customer payments.



This company offers its product monopoly to the buyer


The product monopoly is limited to a certain period, up to a maximum of 3 years. Payments can be made in cash or LoC from our Dubai office.


Our policies and features

We are proud to have been able to offer our customers with the highest product quality at a reasonable price and the fastest delivery time

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of gypsum produced per hour

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